First blog post

Here goes!  I started a blog because I decided social media isn’t really the place for long, thoughtful posts, I’ve been wanting to write a book, and my daughter thinks I’m amazing and hilarious.  That was really all the motivation I needed!

I prefer to be happy!  I use a zillion exclamation points!!! And I am completely okay with that! I think the number 13 is lucky!  Fun fact: just because they label the 13th floor 14, doesn’t actually make it the 14th floor.  Just sayin’.

Did I mention I prefer to be happy? Love peace.  Still swear, all the time.  And have serious issues driving with all the people out there who are unable to drive well.  I cannot be put into a political box and seriously wish people would not align themselves with a party.  I believe in doing the right thing.  Even and especially if that means standing up to family.  I have no tolerance for hypocrisy.  I don’t like mean people.

I don’t know what we’ll find here on our adventures….probably a little of everything!!

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