Christmas Lights Bring Me Joy

I am a lover of the sun, the moon, and all things sparkly!  I think that is one of the reasons that I love Christmas so much!  All the twinkling lights.  All the sparkly ornaments!  The shiny ribbons.  The glowing candles.  I absolutely love it all!

It warms my heart.  I think all the sparkle and lights help my mood too!!  In spite of the gloomy Oregon days, the holidays bring on a sense of  sunny days!  I put twinkle lights everywhere I can.  

I know many people with issues around the holidays.  Sometimes it’s because a loved one has died and they just feel so much grief, they can’t enjoy the season.  For others, it is unmet expectations or the pressure of expectations of others.  I think it also has to do with not doing what is best for ourselves.  Not putting our needs anywhere on our list.  Being afraid to deal with the consequences of taking care of ourselves.  Of course, all the holidays are about giving, loving, being selfless; but never was it supposed to be at the expense of our sanity, our self esteem, our health, our mental health or our happiness.   You have to make your holidays what you want them to be.  You are, I assume, an adult, a grown-up, you get to decide what you do with your time.  You get to decide what you want your traditions to be.  If you love wrapping presents, spend your time making the gifts you give wrapped in the most wonderful way possible.  If you love baking, bake for those you love.  If you love decorating, do that.  If you love hosting dinners, host a dinner for the people you love and pick the people you enjoy being around!!  The thing is you don’t have to DO IT ALL!  You get to make your holidays what you want them to be.  

Start now.  Pick one thing.  Make a small change.  Pick you.  Choose YOU!  You are important.  You are worthy.  You are valuable.  

It really breaks my heart when I meet people who don’t love the holidays.  It really is the most wonderful time of the year!  

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