Independent, Free-thinking Children are the BEST

Do you have the kind of relationship with your children where they are allowed to be individuals, think for themselves and form their own opinions – even if, or especially if they differ from yours?  Well, I do.  If you do have this kind of relationship with your children, you might experience more of them wanting to assert their individuality or their own style and many other things. 

This is a good thing!!  They are not sheep!!  You shouldn’t want to be raising sheep.  Sheep don’t function well in the wide, wide world.  Oh yes, it is a challenge, raising these free-thinking individuals.  It is also a challenge to let them express themselves when you constantly run into or are surrounded by the people who prefer you raise sheep.

The beauty of a blog is that I don’t have to be vague.  I am speaking of the people who make fun of or tease your daughter for wearing basketball shorts and t-shirts, because they are “boys clothes.”  Or the people who make fun of your boys for having long hair.  Even now, in 2018.

For the love of all that’s holy, maybe said daughter LIKED basketball shorts or wasn’t ready for her legs and ass to be stared at by creepy men all the time.  And the hair, I don’t even know where to start here.  Maybe you’re jealous.  Demented.  I mean Jesus had long hair.  I just don’t know why you think your #2 shaved head is anything to be superior about.  

The crux of my issue here, is that most of the shit that gets spewed towards people expressing any individuality is from the people closest to them.  The people who are supposed to love your children, who are-in fact- supposed to protect your children in your absence.  These are the critical people.  These people are now the problem.  And the truth is they are sheep, raising sheep. Right?  Because if you are making fun of people constantly in front of your children, are they going to speak up and say “I want long hair.  I want to wear only black this week.  I want my ears pierced. etc”  Actually, no, they aren’t.  So, therefore sheep.  

It’s another in a long line of “shake it off” or “they’re just kidding” when really, Uncle Neal is being an asshole and we should call him out on his judgemental passive-aggressive ass!!

So, stop tolerating this.  Stop making your children endure this.  Stick up for them.  Or at least stop subjecting them to these people very often.  And don’t make excuses for this behavior.  It’s all opinion! These people aren’t right!  Once again I am brought back to the golden rule~ “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” OR “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

I’m super proud I didn’t raise sheep.  They are high-functioning, respectful individuals who all have their own opinions and don’t always agree with me, YAY!  

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